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Little Bluebird Design Studio, located on Cape Cod, specializes in surface pattern design & visual branding in support of local businesses.

Thanks for stopping by! If you're looking for my Etsy Shop or Spoonflower Shop (fabric and wallpaper), please follow the links below


My name is Aislinn Ryan

I'm a mom, a creative, and beach lover. After ten years as a corporate creative, Covid brought me back to my roots on Cape Cod. I love using my design skills to add beauty to the world with pattern designs for all kinds of products. I also provide graphic design services in support the local Cape economy. I am continually inspired by the natural beauty of my surroundings and by the vibrancy of my little ones.

Find more : on my Instagram @littlebluebirddesignstudio.


For my Etsy shop, follow the link here:

For my fabric & wallpaper Spoonflower shop, please follow the link here:

To see examples of my footwear design work, check out @aislinn_creates on Instagram!

If you're interested in working together or to see more examples of my work, please reach out! Thanks for stopping by!


Surface Pattern Design

At Little Bluebird Design Studio, I love creating unique and fun vector or hand-drawn surface pattern designs for products.

Freelance and licensing opportunities welcomed!

Please reach out for more examples from my portfolio.

Below: from the collection "Set Sail"

Surface Pattern Design

Below: Daisy Days

Surface Pattern Design

Below: Floral Medley

Graphic Design - Branding for Local Businesses

At Little Bluebird Design Studio, I understand how important small businesses are to the local Cape Cod economy. An on-message logo, menu design, or branding can effectively communicate the value of your small business and help you stand out from the crowd.

Below: food truck graphics for Polkadot Panini

Graphic Design - Branding for Local Businesses

Below: logo design for Dusty Dog Wood Work